Sunday, December 29, 2013


I have a 16 year old that attends the public high school, a 10 year old that is home schooled, and a 2 year old that is always moving around doing whatever crazy thing he can think of.  ALL BOYZ.

Time4Learning gave me one month to preview their product and give my honest opinion on it.  I was able to set it up for each one of the boys.  If you read my post before, I mentioned that I thought the 2 year old would enjoy it, wasn't real sure about the 10 year old, and thought the 16 year old might be able to use it for review or help with some ideas that he needed review with.

I was WRONG!  The two year old was interested for about a day or two and then had no interest to sit down at the computer to "do school".  He prefers doing hands on crafts and playing with toys.  This is not my sitting still boy.  He would rather be outside tearing things up than watching a story on the computer.  There were a couple activities that he did enjoy, but there did not seem to be a lot of variety and the games were only able to be played one way and there was no variance.  Once the questions were answered, they were presented in the same order again the next time.  This did not seem to challenge or keep the attention of my two year old son.

Now, my 10 year old on the other hand, really seemed to enjoy himself.  Except for the fact that the science is presented as the universe being millions of years old as fact, it looked very well put together.  My 10 year old really liked the math program and said he learned a lot.  If Time4Learning offered the programs separately, I might consider just purchasing the math.  But, we did not use enough of the other subjects for me to purchase the whole program.

My16 year old, wouldn't even touch it.  I started up the math for him and he walked away laughing.  So, I have no real opinion from him, he didn't use it.  You win some, you loose some.

All in all, it was fun to try and it gave us something new to do.  A little break from the norm is always a good thing.

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