Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

It's cold, really cold, where we live.  This is starting to be seen in the youngest boys behavior.  He is an outdoor boy, and being locked up in the house, does not bode well with him.  We take him out when we can, but wind chills in the negatives, it's just time to find something in the house to entertain.  So today, he spent his time throwing rolled up socks into a basket (advice from, bouncing on the bed trying to hit a ball while I threw it at him, and running around trying to hide his tummy so no one could zerbert it.  He was not in the sit down and learn mode today, at 2 years old, I get it.  We don't push it if we aren't going to learn anything.

We had already experienced Bible study time with him that morning, to say the least, it was not my most enjoyable experience.  It brought me back to last year when he was only a year old and thought fits actually accomplished something.  If the house were a little messier right now I would have put him on clean up duty, but we actually have the place cleaned up.

So anyway, we are studying sound, and hearing, and the different languages and dialects across the United States.  I find this to be very interesting since I have lived on different ends of the U.S.  I have lived in Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, the West Coast, the East Coast, and the Carolinas.
                 Here is a fun game we enjoyed playing, even the nutty two year old enjoyed this one.  When he got one right he would jump up and down all excited.
                 The other fun thing we did with this, was learn about the different dialects spoken in this country.  One that many people do not know about, but which I have experience first hand, and used to speak some, is Hawaiian Pidgin.  It's real, look it up.  It is such a fascinating local language.  We looked at a lot of others, but that was the most fun.

We are praying for some warmer weather, hoping to get out of the house a bit.  It will be nice to have some sunshine without the chill.  I know it's coming, and then I will complain that it's too hot.

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