Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 amazing boy

Can you believe that these three amazing boyz are all the same boy?  Yep, that's right.  My oldest son has grown so big and so amazing, I am sooooooo proud of him. 

Last week he ventured off to his sophmore year in high school.  The time has slipped away much too quickly.  I hate to be one of those people, you know, the ones who tell you not to let time get away from you.  Buuuuuttt, that is exactly what I am going to do!!

Treasure every moment with your child.  When they come waddling up to you with a book in their hand, stop what you are doing and sit down on the floor with them and read.  Create an everlasting moment.  The dishes will be there at the end of the story, I promise.  If you figure out how to make them disappear, please let the rest of us know (we would pay big bucks for that secret!).

Bake cookies with your babies, your toddlers, your elementary ones, your middle schoolers (even while they look at you weird), and at least share the bowl of cookie dough with the high schooler.  I speak as a mother who missed many of these moments with my older son.  I was working, he was at daycare or going to school and everybody would come home tired just to do the routine of homework and baths and dinners.  So many times that we could have slowed down, that I am only now appreciating.  I am blessed to have two younger boys that I can do it right with, but I cannot take back the time I lost with my oldest son.

I pray for each parent out there that they treasure every child and that God gives every parent time to spend with their child.  Please Lord, do not let the parent miss the opportunities that you give them, do not let the parent fill the times that you give them to spend with their child doing other things.  God, you have given us each child for a very specific reason, please help us to love them and raise them up by your love and grace.  AMEN.

This is my boy, an amazing and wonderful boy.  He is a genius, a friend, a little bit crazy, and he drives me nuts throughout most of the day.  He is too smart for me and constantly out thinks anything I have to say to him.  He likes to prank his little brothers which results in many squabbles and tears.  He is full of joy and God has given him gifts of gold.  To my son, I love you.   

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